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Bryson's Bears

"When we left Children's hospital after our son Roman passed away, we were given a box.  There is something beyond tragic about leaving a hospital with a box and not your baby that cannot even really be expressed into words.  In our box, we were given a Bryson Bear.  In receiving our Bryson Bear, I learned of another family who also lost their son - and I learned that we were not alone.  And that maybe I could find some support and connection with others during an unimaginable time.  When Roman died, I never knew of anybody who lost a baby like we did.


A couple weeks after, I  searched the Bryson Bear hashtag on Instagram and found Ashley and developed a close friendship with her.

Our Bryson Bear was more than just a bear to us, it brought to us a community of other loss families that have become dear friends and brought to us comfort in our darkest day."

- Katana Roesch, Roman's mama

Fleece Blankets

"I cuddle up with my fleece blanket everyday at Sonny's bedside. Hospitals are freezing and their blankets are not cozy. You'd be surprised how a little blanket can be such a blessing for a chilly mama."

- Samantha, Sonny's mama

Holiday Bag

"I had my daughter on 12/16/2022 via emergency C-section, and she is currently in critical condition in the NICU. I’ve since been discharged and am home with my two boys while she is still in the NICU, walking into her room and seeing the bag from you guys was extremely touching and really warmed my heart, and reading about this foundation and learning the story behind it broke my heart that you went through what you did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting a smile on my face during this hard time and for making me feel a little better."

- Millie's mama

Welcome Bag

"Our 3 week old (now healthy and home) had open heart surgery for a congenital heart defect at 2 weeks old. We were admitted on new years eve and it was an emotional time. The care package you provided brought us a little light in the dark time."

- Shelby

Bereavement Support

"Thank you for everything you do. You have helped my sister and her husband tremendously over the last few days. Your care and kindness has made a difference."

- Stephanie 

Painting Donation for NICU room

"Employees from all different departments that are familiar with the unit comment on what a difference that picture makes for the room.  I think about you when I walk by the room,  and know you made the perfect choice every time.  It is a huge success, and that room will forever shine, so thank you again."

- Children's Hospital of Michigan NICU staff

NICU Care Package

"No one can prepare you for how isolating and traumatic a NICU/PICU stay can be. It is through the support and encouraging words of fellow NICU parents that I’ve found the most relatable support. Receiving love mail from an organization created in the memory of two sweet babies filled my heart! I received their package on a day that was one of our tougher days. On that day, I cried tears of happiness and gratitude in place of fear and guilt. Thank you for reminding me how strong we all are and that we aren’t ever alone."

- Kynan Kinley

Sunshine Bag

"We received one of your gift bags at the Detroit Children's NICU. Our daughter was born 10/16 with stage 4 neuroblastoma. When so much in our lives was so newly horrific and confusing it was a sweet comfort to receive that gift bag from one family wishing to comfort another. Thank you for what you're doing to support complete strangers." 

- The Montes

Memory Bags

"Such an amazing contribution. Being a bereaved NICU mother myself, I know firsthand how every act of kindness is felt and lasts a lifetime. Thank you for what you do."

- Janet, Mott NICU Parent Support Staff/Volunteer Supervisor

Thank you!

"I started following when your son was in the NICU. I was a NICU baby at 28 weeks and have always felt a strong connection there. Thank you for honoring your boys this way and giving us a way to help those in need/hurting in a bad place!!"

- Meghan

Your Impact

"I really can’t tell you both how impactful the work is that you are doing. I especially can’t thank you enough for the kind gesture to us while Sophia was in the NICU. It really made things feel a lot more “human” during a really scary time for me. It takes a lot to do what you are all doing and having been on that side, I really do understand how amazing the work is that you are both doing.


To some a gift bag or book may seem small but to a sleepless, worried, new parent it meant the world. It meant that I had something to read to Sophia instead of getting lost in the “what ifs” throughout our stay and something to snack on that I actually could stomach instead of hospital food."

- Abeer, Mott NICU mom

Sunshine Bag

"I ended up giving the sunshine bag to a mother who’s baby was very sick and just transported from another facility. It was apparent she had been crying for a while and she expressed feeling scared and helpless. I figured she could use some sunshine. She was so moved and touched – It made her cry, but this time they were happy tears!


We are so honored to be able to share these gifts with our families."

- Henry Ford NICU staff

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