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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

Below are local resources in Michigan for families who experience pregnancy or infant loss.

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Located in Ferndale, Michigan. 

Primary aim is to provide parents with a shared experience during the Fourth Trimester, a time that can be isolating and anxiety-inducing.

Sanctuary Circle: Supporting Grief and Infant Loss

"The Circle at Fourth Tri" is a safe space for parents, caregivers, friends, and community members to come together and share stories and find support.

Located in Birmingham, MI.


"We want to change the narrative of how women care for themselves. Through the mind+body connection, we strive to help every woman feel seen, heard, and abundantly cared for."

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Located in metro Detroit, MI.

Detroit Mom offers pregnancy and infant loss support groups done virtually via Zoom. They also have multiple resources on their page as well. 

"The primary objectives of our support groups is to provide a secure environment for you to express your emotions, facilitate connections with individuals undergoing similar circumstances, and alleviate the sense of isolation by fostering a deeper understanding."

Located in metro Detroit, MI.

Metro Detroit Share provides support to Michigan families who experience the loss of a baby during pregnancy or infancy.

They offer resources, support services, and remembrance events.

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Located in metro Detroit, MI.

A 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to provide postpartum doula services at no cost to new families. Currently serving Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties.

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